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Aurora Vista Subdivision- Critical Water Update

  • July 19, 2023

The Aurora Vista Subdivision is currently under a Critical level Drought Contingency stage, which requires significant restrictions on water usage. The provider, South West Water Company, has sent notices to residents requesting compliance with the restrictions.

Unfortunately, due to both infrastructure issues and lack of compliance, the situation continues to deteriorate. Per a South West Water representative, the storage tank levels have continued to decrease, or not sufficiently increased, and are nearing a situation that may lead the booster pumps to lock out. If this happens, a boil water notice will be issued and may remain in effect for quite some time until the situation is remedied.

We are all asking residents to do their part and ensure compliance with the Stage 3 restrictions. NO irrigation or hose sprinklers are allowed at this time. South West may issue warnings of specific violations, but if residents refuse to comply, South West may install a flow-restricting device to the home or even discontinue service to the home for a period of up to 7 days.

Please take this critical alert seriously, and follow all requirements in place from your water provider.

As a reminder, this ONLY applies to the Aurora Vista Subdivision within the City of Aurora.