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Animal Control

The City of Aurora contracts with the Wise County Animal Control Office for service.

  • Citizens must first contact the City Hall at 817.636.2783 to make arrangements for animal pick-up, or to file an animal related complaint.
  • The Wise County Animal Control Office also enforces animal-related City of Aurora Ordinances and works closely with local veterinarians to serve all Aurora residents and pets.

Animal Impound

What if I am on vacation and my pet is found by Animal Services?

Animal Services will hold your pet for five days, including holidays and weekends. If your pet does not have identification and it is not claimed during the five-day holding period, it is placed for adoption. If a pet sitter can prove they are responsible for the animal while the owner is on vacation, the animal can be released to the pet sitter. If the pet sitter cannot take temporary custody of the animal, it will remain at the shelter until the owners return home.

How will I know if my pet is picked up by Animal Services?

If the Animal Services Officer knows where the animal lives, a notice will be placed on the door advising that the animal was running loose and therefore must be impounded. If the animal running loose has identification tags on, Animal Services will call the tag number and attempt to notify the owner that the animal has been impounded. If you have lost a pet without identification tags on, you should report the lost animal to Animals Services.

How do I retrieve my animal if it has been picked up?

Contact the Wise County Sheriff’s Department at 940-627-5971, ask to be transferred to the Animal Control Division.