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Code Enforcement

The Code Enforcement Division actively implements the City’s Code of Ordinances and responds to concerns and complaints regarding a variety of potential code violations relating to property standards, illegal signage, etc.

Abiding by the City’s Code of Ordinances helps all of us to be good neighbors and encourages pride in neighborhoods and the City. The codes are in place to establish and maintain standards for the health, safety, and aesthetics of the community.

The City Attorneys, Administrative and Code Enforcement staff periodically reviews the ordinances to ensure the regulations are functioning effectively. If improvements can be made to the existing regulations, amendments are proposed by City Attorneys and City staff for consideration by the City Council. Once the amendments or new regulations are approved by the City Council, these ordinances become law and are enforced by City staff.

To submit a code enforcement concern, you may contact the City’s Code enforcement officer at the contact information below, or complete the “Report a Code Violation” form, also below.

Jeff Douglas
Code Enforcement Officer

Report a Code Violation

To report a violation, please fill out the Report a Concern form below. You may submit a report anonymously. Your name and contact information are only required if you would like to receive a case report.