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Window and Door Replacement Permit

Why do I need this permit?

A building permit is required for some of the following reasons:

  • The Building Code regulates the amount of light and ventilation that must be provided for all habitable rooms as well as the minimum size for emergency exits from all bedrooms; and,
  • The size of the opening and the overall size of the replacement windows and doors shall not be less than the size of the existing structures; and,
  • If the rough framing around the structure is being changed or if an additional openings are installed in an existing exterior wall, the requirements of the current code must be met.

How do I get this permit?

  • Fill out building permit and submit to [email protected]
  • Provide a floor-plan sketch showing the locations of the windows with the existing sizes and the new window sizes noted.

What building inspections will I need?

Schedule the following inspections as needed:

  • For new construction there are three inspections needed, possibly four
    • Rough frame – only required for new window openings or resizing of existing openings
    • Window flashing
    • Exterior lath
    • Final Inspection

*For permits with a valuation over $1000 Residential Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Smoke Detectors must be in place at the time of final inspection.


This permit information can change at any time. Please contact the Building Inspections Department, at Aurora City Hall, for the most current information.