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What is a Permit Required for?


This list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of required permits. Please contact the City if you are questioning if a permit is required.


  • All new fencing and all work on existing fences.
    • Exception: Pickets may be replaced without obtaining a permit if the new pickets are of the same material, size, and height as those being replaced.
  • A retaining wall that is over 4 feet in height, including the footings.
  • All accessory structures greater than 120 square feet.
  • Detached accessory buildings 120 square feet or less must follow setback requirements but do not require a permit.
  • A foundation repair before the repair begins.
  • Concrete patios do not require a permit if not attached to the foundation of the house. If you plan to cover or enclose the area, a permit for the concrete is recommended, so the City will have a record of the structural strength of the patio.
  • Repairing a broken sidewalk; replacing or adding a new driveway or drive approach.
  • Batting cages and tennis courts.
  • Patio covers, shade arbors, gazebos, and decks.
  • The replacement of windows or doors.
  • The replacement of roof coverings.
  • Storm Shelters / Safe Rooms – Flood Plain Approvals can be granted through the City Administrator who acts as the City Flood Plain Administrator


The replacement of an air conditioner or furnace.


Updating a service or adding a circuit.


  • Adding, replacing, or repairing a gas line.
  • Installing gas logs inside your fireplace.
  • Replacing a gas or electric water heater.
  • Adding a water softener to your home.
  • Installing a sprinkler system.
  • Outdoor fireplace, fire pit, or grill area.