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When is a permit required?

  • Construction Permits are required before performing any new construction or any addition, alteration, or repair of existing buildings, structures, plumbing, electrical, or mechanical work (exception: all work which requires a permit but is performed outside of business hours for emergency reasons, must be submitted for the permit the next business day).
  • If you are using a contractor to perform work or doing the work yourself and a permit is required.
  • The permit should be posted on the job site before work begins.
  • Obtaining the proper permits will ensure the proper inspections are performed. This documentation can be a very valuable resource if you sell your home.
  • A permit usually requires two to three working days to process.
  • Please email the Building Official if you have questions or concerns.

Together we can create a safe, well-built project that will add beauty and last a lifetime. Please check your deed restrictions and Homeowner’s Association guidelines before building, as the City, does not regulate or enforce them.

This is a list of projects that require permits and are frequently overlooked by homeowners and contractors performing home renovations, expansions, and remodels. It would be difficult to supply a complete list of items that require permits, so please call first if you have a project that is not listed below and are unsure whether it needs a permit.

** Ultimately, it is the property owner’s responsibility to ensure that the proper permit is secured before work begins. You may be fined up to $2,000 per day, per offense, for failure to obtain permits and inspections.