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Food Trucks

All mobile food vendors (food trucks) are required to obtain a Solicitors Permit and a Food Permit to operate in the City of Aurora. Additionally, the vehicle must be inspected by the City Sanitarian. The City of Aurora does not allow trailers, push carts, or stand-alone-kiosks.

Step-by-Step Process for Obtaining a Food Permit

  1. Obtain a Solicitor Peddler Permit (You must supply a background check from the Sheriff’s Office)
  2. Fill out the Food Truck Permit and the Food Truck Schedule of Locations Form
  3. Provide a copy of your State of Texas Food Handlers Permit (including one for each employee)
  4. Obtain your vehicle inspection with the City Sanitarian

Food Truck Inspection

After your Permits have been submitted to the City of Aurora, the Sanitation Inspector will contact you to set up your appointment. Please review the Mobile Food Vendor Inspection Checklist to aid you in a successful inspection.