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Sports Cages and Courts


A permit is required for the installation of a hard surface tennis court, basketball court, etc. Please see below for permit submittal requirements and for general construction information.

Application Requirements

Application Fees & Deposits

  • Building Construction and Inspection Fee – $75 (Minimum amount due at time of permit pickup)
  • Impervious Surface Fee – $1.60 per square foot of additional surface for most properties
  • Plan Review Deposit – $150 (Due at time of permit submission)
  • Additional Fees may apply at the time of permit pick-up

Drawing Requirements (Submitted With Permit Application)

  • Civil Drawings (if over 400 square feet of impervious surface) – 4 rolled sets (see Civil Engineering Submittal Guidelines in the Sports Court Permit Application Packet)
  • Construction Documents – 3 copies (If applicable)
  • Plat of Survey (3 copies)

The following needs to be clearly shown on the plat:

  • The footprint of proposed new pavement, with dimensions
  • Type of material (indicate concrete, asphalt or brick pavers)

Required Inspections

The following inspections are to be scheduled by contacting 817.636.2783. You will need to specify the property address and permit number:

  1. Base Inspection
  2. Final Inspection