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Temporary Use Permit

Temporary uses typically involve short-term uses of property that are not otherwise included in any existing site plan or certificate of occupancy.

Factors such as current zoning, location, and duration of the temporary use are considered when approving a temporary use permit. Temporary uses are authorized by the Zoning Code.

The following may be permitted as a temporary use:

  • a circus, carnival, rodeo, fair, or similar activity;
  • outdoor art or craft show or exhibit;
  • Christmas tree sales;
  • on-site construction field office;
  • seasonal retail sale of agricultural or horticultural products;
  • seasonal day care;
  • temporary day care;
  • model homes or apartments and related real estate services;
  • sales office for a new subdivision;
  • outdoor public, religious, patriotic, or historic assembly or exhibit, including a festival, benefit, fundraising event, or similar use that typically attracts a mass audience.

Note: Application must be submitted at least ten days before the requested date for beginning the temporary use. The application must include a site plan drawn to scale and signature of the property owner, or a notarized letter of authorization from the property owner.

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