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Planning and Development

Planning & Zoning Applications

Planning & Zoning applications (platting, zoning, use permits, etc.) should be directed to the City Administrator, who shall also serve as the City’s zoning administrator.

Minor plats may be approved following any necessary administrative review and then approval by the Mayor. Staff and/or the mayor may request a minor plat be approved through formal major subdivision processes, depending on circumstances of the subdivision.

Some applications will require public hearings and/or review and approval by the Planning & Zoning Commision and/or the City Council. Please coordinate with staff on appropriate timelines for submissions.

Please submit any applicable application from below, along with all required backup documents to the City Administrator at [email protected].

  • Development Application (platting)
  • Zoning Change Map Amendment Application
  • Zoning Change Text Amendment Application
  • Site Plan Application or Amendment
  • Conditional Use Permit
  • Variance Request