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Deferred Disposition

For all citations, you must take some kind of action. In almost all instances, this can be accomplished via email, or by mail prior to the Appearance Date printed on your citation. Please note – phone calls do NOT constitute an appearance. 

Please Note: All payments made online will be automatic convictions, unless prior arrangements have been made.

“Deferred Disposition” is the probation option in municipal court which allows for the dismissal of a charge if certain criteria is met. The typical probationary period is usually 90 days and begins once fees/fines are paid.  During your probation, you must comply with certain terms and conditions. If you do, your case will be dismissed, and no conviction will be reported on your driving record.

To Request Deferred Disposition:

  • Request Deferred Disposition prior to your appearance date and/or court date. Call or email the Court Clerk to discuss options and ensure proper paperwork is completed.
  • Enter a plea of guilty or no contest.
  • Submit copy of driver’s license.
  • Sign Deferred Disposition Order. 
  • Pay deferred fee/fine in full. 

NOTE: If you are under 25 years old, you may apply for Deferred Disposition, but as a State requirement, you will still be required to complete a Texas Approved Driver’s Safety Course and submit Certificate of Completion on or prior to Deferral end date. 

Eligibility for Deferred Disposition:

  • You have not been granted Deferred Disposition in Aurora in the past 12 months;
  • You are not currently on probation in another jurisdiction; 
  • You are not charged with an offense that prohibits Deferred Disposition (i.e. CDL, Construction Zone violations, etc.)

NOTE: Not all violations are eligible for Deferred Disposition. Contact the Court if you have question about eligibility. 

Failure to Comply with the Deferred Order: 

  • You must appear in open court for a Show Cause Hearing before the Judge.
  • A final judgment of Guilty may be entered by the Judge.
  • A conviction may be reported to the State as required.
  • Additional fees and conditions may be assessed.

Below is a link to download the Deferred Disposition Request form and Affidavit.  Please follow the instructions on the form. By signing the request, you are declaring to the Court that the above conditions are correct. False statements to the Court will be considered perjury and referred to the Wise County District Attorney’s office for prosecution.

1. Download Deferred Disposition Request Form

2. Email COMPLETED Request form to [email protected]